Frequently Asked Questions

Water-Cooled Air Conditioning FAQs

Q: “Will there be any modifications to the exterior of the property?”

A: Our fully-internal water-cooled system doesn’t require an external unit, or any modifications to the property’s exterior at all.

Q: “I’ve always hated how noisy air conditioners can be, how loud is this one?”

A: We’re proud that our units are the quietest on the market, and our indoor units operate at a sound level that is as quiet as a whisper. Our condensers operate at around 49 decibels, which is similar to a quiet washing machine. However, they can be installed within a cupboard space to hide the noise or an acoustic jacket can be used over the unit.

So you can rest assured that you will not be bothered by loud noises from your Urban Cooling system.

Q: “How many rooms can one condenser keep cool?”

A: We have a wide range of condensers that can supply between 1 and 8 indoor units with cool & purified air. That means our most powerful condenser can cool 8 rooms at once!

Q: “How easy is it to use and control the unit?”

A: Our systems can be controlled by an infrared remote or through our app anywhere with WiFi. Set a temperature for the system to cool the rooms to, and it will automatically switch off when it reaches that setpoint

Q: “How long does it take to install?”

A: From your first enquiry, you can have a cool and comfortable property in just 7 days. Installation takes typically 1-2 days per indoor unit.

Q: “Does your system come with a warranty?”

A: Rest assured, we offer a 5 year warranty on parts and repairs for our fully internal unit, so apart from the yearly service, there will be no additional costs to you. To read more information on our maintenance and warranty, click here. 

Q: “How energy efficient are the internal units?”

A: With new inverter technology, our internal water cooled air conditioning system is rated AAA for electrical energy efficiency. 

Upon estimation it costs between 14p-30p per hour to run a water-cooled air conditioning system, depending on the sizes of the rooms you wish to cool, the outdoor temperature and a few more factors. 

Q: “Does this system increase the air quality of my home?”

A: Our indoor units are supplied with a washable air filter that purifies the air, reducing the levels of dust, moisture, bacteria and pathogens. This creates a healthier environment for those with asthma, respiratory issues, allergies and hay fever. Also, it means you won’t have to open any windows and let in London air pollution.

If you’d like to find out more about the health benefits associated with air conditioning, check out our blog post.

Q: “What are the dimensions of the internal condenser unit?”

A: We have a wide range of condensers that increase in size the more indoor units they are required to provide cool air to. The smallest condenser we have is just 425mm x 535mm x 295mm.


Through-The-Wall Air Conditioning FAQs

Q: “What external modifications would be made to the property?”

A: This unit requires no external condenser unit unlike a conventional air conditioning system. The only modifications to the exterior walls are very minor and in the form of installing 2 small ventilation grills. This is to vent the hot air out of the property and fresh air into the property. 

The grills can be re-coloured to match the exterior brickwork so it’s next to invisible. On the inside of the external wall is where the indoor unit is installed, which has all of the necessary technology contained within.

Q: “So I’m able to make modifications to the external wall, but I have no room/can’t get planning permission for conventional systems”

A: Our through-the-wall unit is ideal for those who can make modifications to the exterior of their property, but have no room for an external condenser, since the vents are very small.

Q: “How does it work? Where does the condenser go?”

A: This unit works as an all-in-one unit, this means that everything required to condition the air is housed within the unit that is attached to the inside of an exterior wall.

Q: “Does your system come with a warranty?”

A: We understand that when investing in air conditioning, warranty provides peace of mind just in case any unlikely accidents or malfunctions occur. Our through-the-wall units come with a 3 year warranty, with a very hands on deck team we will resolve the issue effectively and efficiently, at no further cost to you.

Q: “Can the systems improve the air quality in my home?” A: Yes, the system takes fresh air from outside, passes it through a built-in filtration system, and expels hot air from the inside of the property to the outside.

This process increases the overall quality of the air in your home and creates a healthier environment for those who suffer with asthma and other respiratory issues. To find out the top health benefits of our air conditioning units, read our blog here.


If you have any further questions on our state-of-the-art internal water-cooled air conditioning or through-the-wall air conditioning, do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 3613 9417 or enquire online. We are also offering a no-obligation video site survey to get you on your way to a cool and comfortable apartment.