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Who Is Air Conditioning Without an Outdoor Unit For?

Do you live in an apartment, listed building or property that is restricted from making external modifications? Have you been told you can’t have air conditioning with an external condenser? Our solution to this problem is air conditioning without an outdoor unit, otherwise known as water cooled air conditioning.

  • Does the temperature get uncomfortably hot inside your home?
  • Struggling to sleep at night or concentrate when working from home?
  • Can’t open the windows due to outside noise and air pollution?

Most modern residential properties now come insulated to a high standard, which is perfect for the winter months, but can cause the building to become hot and stuffy when outdoor temperatures rise.

You may have found that conventional air conditioning isn’t a viable option for your property, due to the need for an external condenser. We are here to help.

Read on to learn more about our wall mounted air conditioners without an outdoor unit.

The Difference Between Air Conditioning WITH An Outside Unit and Air Conditioning WITHOUT An Outside Unit

The main difference between air conditioning with an external unit, and air conditioning without an outdoor unit is the way the system's refrigerant is cooled:

An air conditioning system principally works with a refrigerant that runs around a thin pipework system. When the air conditioning is in cooling mode this refrigerant absorbs the heat from the room or rooms, and transfers it along the system via a compressor to a condensing unit.

In air conditioning with an external unit, also known as a conventional air conditioning system, this condensing unit is a box housed outside that discharges the heat into the atmosphere via a fan and draws in cold outside air that passes over a hot coil to cool the refrigerant.

Air conditioning without an outdoor unit is called Water Cooled air conditioning because it uses water to cool down the internal refrigerant, rather than outside air. This allows the system to be fully internal, as all of the it’s components are located within the property. This makes it a perfect option for most flats, apartments, listed buildings or buildings within conservation areas as for various reasons outdoor condensing units can’t be installed.

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning without an Outdoor Unit?

Air conditioning goes beyond just keeping you refreshed. It helps you to:

Sleep Better...

Are you exhausted because you struggle to sleep when it's hot? Do you want to wake up feeling refreshed, energised, and ready to tackle the day ahead thanks to a cool night's sleep?

Getting a good night's sleep is essential to your overall health, well-being and mood. That's why having an air conditioning system that not only cools your bedroom, but also improves the air quality by reducing allergens and pollutants, can lead to a better overall quality of life.

A Woman Waking After a Cool Night's Sleep

Work Better...

Are you working from home in a hot and stuffy property? Do you feel uncomfortable and less focused and productive?

Having an air conditioning system provides a cool and comfortable environment for you to work in, boosting your concentration and productivity levels. No more feeling sluggish and irritable during long work hours!

A Man Working in A Cool Air Conditioned Room

Live Better...

A home is for enjoying and living in, so don’t let hot summer days stop you from doing that.

By installing air conditioning without an outdoor unit you can enjoy more time at home with family and friends in a cool and comfortable environment.

A Couple Relaxed Enjoying an Air Conditioned Room
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Features and benefits of Our Water Cooled Air Conditioning Systems

Our Water Cooled systems are fully internal and don’t require an external condenser, unlike conventional air conditioning systems. This means that there are no external modifications required to your property.

Our systems connect to a range of internal units including ducted units hidden behind a grill, units suspended within a false ceiling, or wall mounted units such as our customisable Urban Designer range.

Navy Blue  Designer Air Conditioner Unit In Apartment

Below are some of the features and benefits of our water cooled air conditioning:

Very Energy Efficient

Rated AAA for electrical energy efficiency.

Compact Condenser Design

Perfect for properties where space is a premium.

Low External Noise

Operate at a similar volume to a quiet washing machine.

Less Maintenance

Designed with quality in mind, meaning maintenance is required less frequently than typical systems on the market.
Air Conditioning Without An External Unit
Ideal for flat, apartment or listed property with no external space.

Installed By Our Own Engineers

A friendly, professional, discreet and tidy team of accredited and experienced  engineers.

Who Are Urban Cooling?

We have over 40 years of combined experience installing all types of air conditioning solutions into residential, commercial, retail and leisure premises.

We specialise in providing air conditioning to buildings which otherwise cannot have it. With our solutions, properties such as apartments and listed buildings can have the same standard of air conditioning as conventional systems provide, without the need for an external unit.

As a Company, we strive daily to:
Provide an air conditioning system for anybody who wants one.

6 Reasons to Choose Urban Cooling

A Diagram of a Demonstration Centre

Try Before You Buy

We have a demonstration centre which you can visit.

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Cool & Comfortable In 7 Days

We pride ourselves on minimising the time you wait for installation.

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Quietest Units On The Market

Our internal wall-mounted room units are the quietest on the market

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Competitive Pricing

You’ll be hard pushed to find another supplier who has a comparable solution at a lower price.

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No Leftover Holes, Marks or Mess - Guaranteed!

Our quotes have a making good element to ensure we leave your apartment looking as good as when we entered.

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A Range Of Air Conditioning Solutions

We offer a range of different AC systems and Internal units including, wall-mounted, floor mounted and ducted.

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