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Does your apartment become uncomfortably hot in summer?

Your home, complete with its cherished outdoor space, represents your haven in the hustle and bustle of city life. Yet, the advent of summer consistently challenges this peace, turning your apartment into a sweltering retreat that undermines your enjoyment of the best months of the year. The prospect of installing a traditional air conditioning system, which disrupts the aesthetics of your property, is an unacceptable solution to this annual problem.

Elevate your living experience with Incognito® - where design and comfort meet in perfect harmony.

Imagine a transformed living space, where every summer day is met with the perfect balance of cool, refreshing air without compromising the beauty of your outdoor and indoor environments. Our Incognito® air conditioning system offers a revolutionary approach to climate control, designed for the discerning homeowner who values both functionality and form. This system integrates seamlessly into your property, preserving the aesthetic integrity of your outdoor space with a customisable, sleek design while ensuring your interiors remain undisturbed by elegant indoor units.

Incognito® bridges the gap between the need for effective cooling and heating and the desire to maintain the aesthetic elegance of your home. By choosing Incognito®, you opt for a solution that respects the sophistication of your property, offering discreet, efficient, and stylish climate control.

Incognito® Air Conditioning System Features

Perfect for modern one and two-bedroom apartments, our Incognito® air conditioning system is designed and manufactured here in the UK. The key features of the system include:

Modern and Customisable Design

Unlike traditional systems our Incognito system has been created with visual aesthetic at the forefront of its design.

With a selection of high quality indoor wall units available in various colours, as well as the option to customise our Urban Designer wall units with a fabric provided by you, your system can be fully tailored to complement your property's style.

In addition to our customisable wall units we also have a range of pre-made Condenser screen designs for you to choose from, as well as the option to design your own.

Space-Saving Compact System

We’ve split the traditional external condenser in two parts, an external condenser coil and internal compressor box, to allow the system to seamlessly integrate into your property and occupy minimal space.

Built specifically for apartments with balconies or limited outdoor space, the slimline condenser coil effortlessly fits onto an external wall. While the internal compressor box maximises the dead space within your property by being fitted in a cupboard or utility room.

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

Rated A++ for energy efficiency, our system hasn’t just been engineered for aesthetic appeal, but also to excel in performance, ensuring unparalleled air conditioning comfort even in the heights of summer and winter. Its also means that your electricity bill won't sky-rocket and is cheaper to run than most portable AC options.

The system will also allow you to cool or heat up to three rooms simultaneously. Moreover, you will have the added benefit of being able to independently control the temperature in each room when in either cooling or heating modes.

Quiet Indoor and Outdoor Units

Our Incognito® system connects up with a variety of indoor units to provide you with a whisper quiet cooling solution.

The Internal Compressor Box operates at around between 44-49 decibels, which is similar to a quiet washing machine. However, they can also be installed in a cupboard or an acoustic jacket can be fitted over the unit to hide the noise further. Meanwhile the External Condenser Coil is even quieter operating at around 35 decibels.

How does the system work?

Our Incognito® system works in the same way as a traditional air conditioning system, except the condenser has been split into two parts, a condenser coil (housed outside) and a small compressor box (housed either inside or outside).

By re-engineering the conventional external unit, we’ve changed it from a noisy and unsightly outside condenser to a slim profile contemporary unit that sits on a balcony or in a private outdoor space and is designed to complement the building.

Watch the video to learn more about how our Incognito® system works.

What System Options Are Available?

The Incognito® system is currently available in two different sizes and can be fitted with a wide range of custom condenser screens and indoor unit options (wall-mounted, ducted, or floor-mounted), ensuring the system seamlessly integrates with the aesthetic and design of your property.


This 5.2kw system is ideal for one bedroom flats and apartments.


This 7.5kw system is ideal for two bedroom flats and apartments.

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Condenser Screen Options

Take a look at our four condenser coil styles below. All of our condenser coils can be powder coated to a colour of your choice. Whether you want it to make a bold statement or seamlessly blend in, the choice is yours!

Indoor Unit Options

Urban Compact

A compact solution perfect for small spaces, this wall unit is both functional and customisable to blend into your home's decor.



Urban Designer

A sleek modern wall-mounted unit, with swappable textile covers, this unit is able to be customised to match the style of any room.




Maintain a seamless look within your property by choosing a ducted unit hidden behind a modern and minimalist grill.



Interested in Incognito®?

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Incognito® helps you…

Sleep Better

Wake up feeling refreshed, energised, and ready to tackle the day ahead thanks to a cool night's sleep.

Work Better

A cool and comfortable working environment boosts your concentration and productivity levels. No more feeling sluggish and irritable during long work hours!

Live Better

Your home is for enjoying and living in, so don’t let hot summer days stop you from doing that.

Enjoy more time at home with family and friends in a cool and comfortable environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers to some of the questions we get asked most about our Incognito® air conditioning system. If you have any additional questions, complete our incognito® Enquiry Form or give us a call on 020 8080 9708.

How customisable is the Incognito® system?

The Incognito® system offers extensive customisation options. From tailoring the colour and design of the external Condenser Coil to choose the indoor unit style and colour to match the style of your home.

How does the Incognito® system compare to Conventional Air Conditioning?

The Incognito® system delivers the same performance as conventional air conditioning units, as essentially the system uses all the same elements. However, in our Incognito® system, these elements are split up and seamlessly integrated into your property.

Do you need planning permission to install the Incognito® System?

In certain instances planning permission would be required to install the Incognito® system. We do advise that you check this prior to making an enquiry.

Is the Incognito® system better than the Water Cooled system?

Each system could be classed as being 'better' in certain situations. For example in instances where external modifications are restricted, such as with listed buildings, the Water Cooled system would be a much better solution as it is fully internal.

How efficient is the Incognito® Air Conditioning system?

The Incognito® is very energy efficient in both heating and cooling modes with an Energy Efficient Class and Label rating of A++.

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