Air conditioning solutions for listed buildings

No planning permission required! Our air conditioning solutions for listed buildings are fully internal without the need for an external unit fitted to the exterior of your property.

Urban Cooling’s air conditioning solutions for listed building owners

Listed buildings are properties that are protected for their architectural and historical significance. These properties can not be modified unless permission is granted from a local authority. 

While the unique designs and picturesque surroundings of these buildings often draws people to them. These visual advantages can unfortunately make it much harder to install air conditioning within the property. 

This is where we can help! At Urban Cooling we provide a fully internal water cooled air conditioning solution that doesn't require an external unit or any alterations to the exterior of the building. Therefore, no planning permission is required.

As the owner of a listed property, our system offers you a reliable air conditioning solution, whilst saving your valuable time and eliminate the stress of having to contact the local authorities.

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The challenge of air conditioning for listed building owners

Our internal air conditioning solutions are hassle free and significantly reduce the installation time compared to conventional air conditioners with an outside unit. This is because conventional air conditioning systems require prior planning permission and listed building consent applications to be granted.

These applications are made to the local authority who consult Historic England and the National Amenity Societies for certain applications.

The application may not be permitted under the following circumstances: 
  • In the event that the installation of the air conditioning system has an effect on the outward appearance of the structure.
  • As a result of the installation, there will be multiple air source pumps within the confines of the building.
  • Within the same building or residential complex, there exists a wind turbine.
  • The outdoor compressor unit's size would exceed 0.6 cubic meters in volume.
  • An air source heat pump is situated on either a flat or sloped roof, positioned within a distance of one meter from the outer edge of the roof.

Learn more about planning permissions on the gov website.

How to find out if your building is listed

If you are unsure whether your building is listed or not, there are a few websites you can use to find out. Use the ‘Search the List’ function on the Historic England and Historic Environment Scotland websites to search by postcode or keyword. 

Listed buildings come in three categories of 'significance':

  • Grade 1 for buildings of the highest significance which are of exceptional importance.
  • Grade 2*  includes buildings of more than special interest.
  • Grade 2 for buildings of special interest.
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Grade 1 Listed Buildings

Grade 1 buildings are of exceptional national, architectural or historical importance and are often rarer (2.5% of all listed buildings) than Grade 2 buildings. Some examples of Grade 1 buildings include popular tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral (pictured).

There are also Grade 2* and Grade 2 listed buildings which are seen to be of particular national importance, but less so than Grade 1 buildings.

And image of the Coliseum in London

Grade 2 Listed Buildings

Grade 2 acknowledges buildings of special architectural or historical interest, which are considered to be of more than local significance. These buildings are deemed to possess a degree of special interest and warrant preservation. Grade 2 is the most common designation and includes a wide range of buildings, from residential houses (pictured) to public buildings.

An image of a London Street

Grade 2* Listed Buildings

Grade 2* is a higher level of designation for listed buildings. These buildings are considered particularly important and of more than special interest. Grade 2* buildings are less common than Grade 2 buildings and represent a higher level of architectural or historic significance. 

They often possess exceptional architectural features, high-quality craftsmanship, or historical importance. Grade 2* buildings are regarded as particularly valuable and warrant greater care and attention for their preservation. Above is a picture of the Coliseum Theatre in London which is a Grade 2* listed building.

And image of the Coliseum in London

The Advantages Of Our Internal Water Cooled Air Conditioning Solutions

  • No impact to the exterior of your property - Our air conditioning systems are designed to have no effect on the exterior of your property. They are fully internal, meaning there is no need for an external unit or any modifications to the building's exterior. With our systems, you can enjoy the convenience of controlling the temperature inside your property without the hassle of obtaining planning permission or altering the outward appearance of your building.
  • Water cooling is very energy efficient. Our internal water-cooled air conditioning system, for example, is rated AAA for electrical energy efficiency.
  • Water cooled condensers are compact, making them perfect for properties where space is a premium. The smallest condenser we have is just 500mm x 500mm x 295mm.
  • Low external noise - Our condensers operate at a similar volume to a quiet washing machine. They can also be installed in a cupboard to hide the noise or an acoustic jacket can be used over the unit.
  • Less maintenance - These units are designed with quality in mind, which means maintenance is not required as frequently as a typical system on the market. Not only that, the quality means it is expected to provide cool rooms for a long time with no fuss.
  • Installed & maintained by our own engineers in 1-2 days per room. With a team of accredited and experienced engineers who are friendly, professional, discreet and tidy.

How Do Water Cooled Air Conditioners Work?

Urban Cooling’s water cooled air conditioning systems operate like standard split type air conditioning with the indoor unit piped back to the condensing unit via a flow and return pipework. However, rather than cooling the heated gas refrigerant via air, our systems use an ingenious design that allows water to cool the condensing unit. Therefore, instead of relying on a condensing unit that needs to be outside, we simply need to find a water supply and waste drain to connect to our condensing units.

Internal air conditioning units are concealed out of view for aesthetic and practical reasons. The unit can be stored in a cupboard, under a sink or in another convenient spot in your building. The water cooling technology is plumbed into the listed building’s water supply.

We have a range of internal units that can connect to the water cooled condensing unit that allows for a variety of different options. This allows Urban Cooling to provide tailor made solutions to your property, so if you require a ducted unit hidden behind a grill we are still able to provide a powerful cooling system. If you prefer the unit to be suspended within a false ceiling, or perhaps the more conventional wall mounted installation, we have a solution.

For peace of mind all our air conditioning systems are quiet, energy efficient, easy to control via an infrared controller and come complete with a 5 years warranty.

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Our Product Range

We provide Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioning solutions that you can control using a tablet or mobile device. Whether you’re at home or are out, so long as you’re connected to the internet, you can control your aircon.

Our team of F Gas trained engineers are here to provide you with a tailored solution whatever your needs. Get in touch to find out what the best cooling solution is for your property.

Designer Air Conditioning Units

Our Toshiba designer units offer an innovative and swappable textile cover that can be customised to match any room and style. Not only that, the whisper-quiet operation, reliability and leading air quality and Purifier air filtration really do make this a premier water-cooled air conditioning solution.

Urban Cooling Toshiba Air Conditioning Unit in a Modern Bedroom
Urban Cooling Toshiba Air Conditioning Unit in a Modern Bedroom

Quality Air Conditioning Units

There's nothing standard about our Panasonic air conditioning units. Matched with our unique tried and trusted high-end water-cooled technology, this system is our benchmark for reliable, silent running water-cooled air conditioning.

Urban Cooling Panasonic Air Conditioning Unit in a Modern Bedroom
Urban Cooling Toshiba Air Conditioning Unit in a Modern Bedroom

Where do Urban Cooling operate?

We operate across London and South East Regions including Surrey, Ascot, Windsor and Reading - and more. We also provide air conditioning installation in Birmingham and Manchester.

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Approved Installers

Our installation team consists of experienced, F Gas registered engineers. We are experienced in working with many manufacturers and are approved installers for Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Fujitsu equipment.

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