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How Does a Water Cooled Air Conditioner Work?

Water cooled air conditioning systems operate in a similar way to conventional split-type air conditioning systems that have an external 'unit'. However, rather than using the outside air to cool the heated gas refrigerant, our system is designed to use water instead.

This means that the system is fully internal as it does not need an outdoor condenser, just a water supply and waste drain to connect to the indoor condenser.

Features of Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Icon of compact indoor condenser design

Compact Indoor Condenser Design

Our water cooled air conditioner unit is purposefully designed to be concealed out of view for aesthetic reasons and space efficiency. Our smallest condenser measures just 500mm x 500mm x 295mm, allowing it to be conveniently stored in cupboards or under a sink. This makes it ideal for properties where space is at a premium.

Icon of existing pipework

Integrates With Existing Pipework

Our water air conditioning systems utilise your existing pipework, all of which is contained within your property. This means nothing needs to be installed externally and we don’t need access to the outside of your property to fit your system.

Icon to show WiFi Enabled


All our indoor units are WiFi enabled allowing you to control your air conditioning from your phone. This enables you to set the temperature remotely so you'll never have to worry about leaving your air conditioning on or having to arrive home to a hot and stuffy apartment.

Icon for customisable indoor unit options

Customisable Indoor Unit Options

Just like with a conventional split system, our water cooled condenser units can be connected to a range of different indoor units. This includes multiple customisable wall unit options, as well as floor mounted and ducted units hidden behind a grill, as long as you have sufficient void space above your ceiling.

Icon to show quiet operation

Quiet Operation

Our internal wall-mounted room units are the quietest on the market, with our Urban Designer model operating at just 19dBa. While our condensers operate at a similar volume to a quiet washing machine (they can also be installed with an acoustic jacket to hide their noise further).

Icon to show energy efficient

Energy Efficient
(AAA Rated)

Our internal water cooled air conditioning systems are rated AAA for electrical energy efficiency.

Where To Install A Water Cooled Air Conditioning System?

Our water cooled air conditioning solutions are able to be installed in a variety of residential and small commercial properties:


Ideal for properties with restrictions such as apartments where an outdoor condenser unit is not possible.

Water cooled air conditioning with Panasonic unit

Listed Buildings

If you live in a Grade II listed building, an internal unit can be installed with no planning permission required.

Image of a listed building

Small Commercial Buildings

Water cooled air conditioning is also an effective solution for office spaces, retail spaces and server rooms with restrictions.

Water cooled air conditioning unit installed in a retail space

The Benefits Of Our Water Cooled Air Conditioning Solutions


No external unit or planning permission required

Our fully internal water cooled systems have no external elements and therefore remove the need for planning permission. They are the only integrated solution for properties where external modifications are not permitted.


Maintains the visual appeal of your property

Our condensers and wall units blend seamlessly into your property's design, ensuring your property’s aesthetics remain untouched.


Cool multiple rooms simultaneously

One of our water cooled condensers has the capacity to cool up to 8 rooms at once!


Control the temperature of your property from anywhere

With the convenience of controlling your air conditioning from your phone, never worry about returning to an uncomfortably hot home.


Adds to your property's value and rentability

Investing in our systems improves your property's rentability and value, potentially leading to a positive return on investment.


Quick installation with minimal disruption

There is minimal disruption during installation by our F-gas registered engineers.


Enjoy a cool and peaceful environment

Our quiet air conditioning systems not only cool you effectively, but also enable you to focus, relax, and sleep undisturbed.


Save on energy costs

With an AAA rating for electrical energy efficiency, you can stay cool without worrying about skyrocketing electricity bills.


Peace of mind 5 year warranty cover

All of our systems come with a full parts and labour warranty. We also have a dedicated aftercare team so if anything goes wrong you are not left on your own.


All the benefits of conventional air conditioning without the limitations

Our systems don’t compromise on performance, as they offer equivalent cooling efficiency to conventional air conditioning units.

Our Product Range

We provide Wi-Fi-enabled water air conditioning solutions that you can control using a tablet or mobile device. Whether you’re at home or out and about, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you can control your water air conditioning system.

Urban Designer

Our Urban Designer range combines our water cooled condensers with a sleek, modern wall-mounted unit. With swappable textile covers, this unit is able to be customised to match the style of any room. Not only that, the wifi app control, whisper-quiet operation, reliability, leading air quality and purifier air filtration really do make this a premier water cooled air conditioning solution.

Urban Cooling Condenser

Urban Cooling Fully Internal Water Cooled Condenser Unit.

Urban Designer Wall Unit

These units have a stylish textile cover that can be customised to match any room and style.

Example Colours

Choose a ready-to-go colour or customise your own to make your properties interior.

Bluish Grey
Light Grey
Emerald Blue
Dark Brown
Dark Grey
Grey Beige





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Urban Classic

With the Urban Classic range, our internal water cooled condenser is connected to Panasonic’s Etherea wall mounted units. These units boast a sleek and stylish design available in three colours (white, silver, grey) and feature advanced smart control, voice assistant capability, concentrated airflow, and nanoeTM X air cleaning technology.

Urban Cooling Condenser

Urban Cooling Fully Internal Water Cooled Condenser Unit.

Urban Classic Wall Unit

Supplied in white, silver or black.





0% VAT




0% VAT




0% VAT




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0% VAT

Urban Compact

Bringing together our Urban cooling wall unit and water cooled condenser, the Urban Compact range is ideal for properties that are limited on space or want a more discreet system. This solution not only offers functionality but also provides the flexibility to customise the wall units in four different colours (Ivory, Urban Grey, Silver Grey and stone) so they blend with the decor of your home.

Urban Cooling Condenser

Urban Cooling Fully Internal Water Cooled Condenser Unit.

Urban Compact Wall Unit

These units can be customised to blend in to the interior of your property.

Colour Options

Choose from our range of colours and patterns to make your wall units match your property.

Urban Grey
Silver Grey





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Prices Start from Just £3,990

Our range of water air conditioning solutions are all competitively priced within the market. If you find a comparable solution at a lower price, let us know and we’ll match the price.

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Where Do Urban Cooling Operate?

We operate across London and South East Regions including Surrey, Kent, Essex, Windsor and Reading - and more. We also provide air conditioning installations in Birmingham and Manchester.

Tower Bridge

Who Will Be Installing The Air Conditioning System?

Our friendly installation team are all experienced, F-Gas registered engineers that work for Urban Cooling. Installations typically take 1-2 days.

We are experienced in working with many manufacturers and are approved installers for Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Fujitsu equipment.

F-Gas Approved Installers

What Are They Payment Options?

We accept all major debit and credit cards. We can also accept payment via bank transfer if this is easier for you.

Payment Methods

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