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Be Cool and Comfortable in 7 Days

Regardless of the type of property you live in, we can provide you with an air conditioning solution that’s right for your situation.

Whether you’re in a hot and stuffy new-build apartment, a listed building with restrictions that mean you can’t make alterations to your property, or you just want to avoid having an ugly condenser on your balcony or garden wall, then we have a solution for you.

At Urban Cooling, we have over 40 years of combined experience installing air conditioning in residential and small commercial properties. We’re the leading installer of fully internal air conditioning systems in London and have a large team of F-Gas and Refcom registered installers. We pride ourselves on aiming to get you cool and comfortable in 7 days.

We mainly operate across London and the South East, including Surrey, Kent, Essex, Windsor and Reading. We also provide air conditioning installations in Birmingham and Manchester.

Air Conditioning For Apartments

Our internal water-cooled air conditioning system doesn’t require an outdoor condenser, eliminating issues associated with planning permission, aesthetic concerns or the lack of outside space. It’s the perfect solution to cool your apartment or flat!

Air Conditioning For Listed Buildings

As the owner of a listed property, our system offers you a reliable air conditioning solution that does not impact the external features of the property meaning no planning permission is required.

Air Conditioning For Properties With Outdoor Space

Are you looking for an air conditioning system that can cool and heat your property without compromising the aesthetics of your property? If you have a property with outdoor space including a flat or apartment with a balcony then this is the solution for you!

Find The Right Air Conditioning 
Solution For You in 30 Seconds

Want to find out which Air Conditioning option is best for your property? Try our A/C Solution Finder and discover the right system for you.

Do you live in an apartment, listed building or property restricted from making external modifications? Have you been told you can’t have air conditioning with an external condenser?

If conventional air conditioning isn’t a viable option for your property, we have a solution that doesn’t require an external condenser but will still keep your home cool even in the summer months.

Book A FREE Site Survey Today

To fully understand your property’s air conditioning requirements and provide you with an accurate quote, we need to conduct a survey of your property. We offer two different types of survey FREE of charge – an On-site and Video Survey. Click below to find out more.


Choose From a Range of Stylish Indoor Wall Units

Choose from a range of customisable and Wi-Fi-enabled wall mounted units that you can control using a tablet or mobile device. Whether you’re at home or out and about, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you can control your air conditioning system.

Urban Designer

A sleek modern wall-mounted unit, with swappable textile covers, this unit can be  customised to match the style of any room.

Urban Classic

These units boast a sleek and stylish design available in three colours (white, silver, grey) and feature advanced smart control and voice assistant capability.

Urban Compact

A compact solution perfect for small spaces, this wall unit is both functional and customisable to blend into your home's decor. Available in four different colours.

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6 Reasons To Choose Urban Cooling

Try before you buy icon

1. Try Before You Buy

We are the only provider of water cooled air conditioning who have a demonstration centre which you can visit. You can see all the options available to cool your property in action and choose the one that's right for you!

Be cool and comfortable in just 7 days icon

2. Be Cool and Comfortable in Just 7 Days

We realise how uncomfortable escalating temperatures in your property can be, so we pride ourselves on minimising the time you wait for installation. With our extensive team of qualified engineers, we ensure a faster turnaround than any other supplier. We aim for 7 days from order to installation.

Price match icon

3. Like for Like Price Match Promise

Our range of air conditioning solutions are all competitively priced within the market. You’ll be hard pushed to find another supplier who has a comparable solution at a lower price, but if you do, just let us know and we’ll match their price! Just send us a copy of their quotation and we guarantee to match the price!

Designed and manufactured in the uk icon

4. Designed and
Manufactured in the UK

We're proud that all our condenser units meet not only the UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) standards but also the quality benchmarks we set ourselves. To maintain this high standard, our in-house engineers in the UK design and assemble all our condenser units, guaranteeing the quality of every system we supply for installation.

No holes, marks or mess icon

5. No Leftover Holes, Marks or Mess - Guaranteed!

We offer a complete service, including any 'making good' afterwards. During the installation process, if any small holes are required to be cut for access, our quotes include a 'making good' element to restore your property to its original condition. Unlike other suppliers, we take responsibility for these repairs, alleviating the need for you to handle them yourself.

Approved f-gas installers icon

6. Approved F-Gas Air Conditioning Installers

Our installation team consists of experienced F-Gas registered engineers who conduct installations professionally and discreetly. With expertise in various manufacturers' equipment, including Panasonic and Toshiba, we're approved installers for these brands, having met their technical and service quality standards.

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