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What our clients say

  • “Spring and Summer in our penthouse apartment used to get hot and sticky, we were not allowed to put a condensing unit on our 7th floor balcony due to freeholder restrictions, We called Urban Cooling – they installed two through the wall units that does not require a condenser, now we have the option to cool our bedroom and lounge when required”
    Mrs Robinson – Canary Wharf
  • “I have a sound recording studio in the back garden of our terraced house which is well insulated to reduce noise to neighbours, this makes the studio really hot in the summer, I did not want an ugly outdoor unit sitting in my garden like conventional systems, Urban Cooling installed an air conditioning system without external unit using a water supply…Now I can keep cool all through the summer whilst making music”
    Joby – SE1
  • “I did not think it was possible to get air conditioning to our small office, we were told by others AC companies that there was no route to the roof for an outdoor unit. Urban Cooling carried out a survey and installed a system within a week, over the moon…many thanks”
    A Fowle – Multiclenz