Why Urban Cooling Air Conditioning Systems Are Different To Competitors

Here at Urban Cooling we have over 20 years of experience in developing and installing exceptional air conditioning systems. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate our systems ahead of the curve. This is so we can deliver a superior air conditioning system that is driven by performance and is long lasting.

We understand that there is a financial commitment attached to buying an air conditioning system and making sure you do enough research to find the best system for you is important.

There are many companies out there that make bold claims around having “the best air conditioning system” or a “brilliant service”. Here at Urban Cooling we can safely say that our systems are of a higher quality and performance than any other on the market.

Take a look below to see some wonderful benefits of our air conditioning systems.

No Planning Permission Needed

Our fully-internal water-cooled air conditioning system does not require planning permission. This is ideal for apartment owners as there is no external unit and no external modification to the property is required.

Cool & Comfortable Within 7 Days

We pride ourselves on the speed of our service and can get you cool and comfortable within only 7 days of ordering your air conditioning system. Our installation team works effectively and efficiently to get your system to your home & installed within a week of ordering, so you can begin to enjoy the effects of a cooler environment.

Doesn't Cost The Earth To Run

New and modern air conditioning systems no longer cost excessive amounts of money to buy and run in your home. With new inverter technology, our internal water cooled air conditioning system is rated AAA for energy efficiency.

Upon estimation it costs between 14p-30p per hour to run a water-cooled air conditioning system, depending on the sizes of the rooms you wish to cool, the outdoor temperature and a few more factors.

So you can rest assured that your air conditioning system won’t cost you a fortune.

Designed In The UK

Unlike other air conditioning companies, our exceptional air conditioning units are designed in the UK, by our qualified in-house engineers with over 20 years of experience. Our units are also assembled directly in the UK. This is so we can keep our quality control high to ensure each unit is to our impeccable standards. Many other companies simply import generic units over from other countries and then sell these on without having the true knowledge or expertise that is required when producing top class units.

A Snippet Of Our 5* Service

We had a really hot apartment in London and were looking for fully internal systems. After discussing options with a number of companies, we chose Urban Cooling. I really appreciated the in person survey so they could see the space and we could discuss install and expectations. Now the system is in, we can’t believe how we have lived without it. It cools our whole place to very comfortable temperatures, even our very big main space. Our smaller rooms get really cold which has been amazing with the recent sticky nights. The install team were great: careful to always ask for feedback if we were happy and so on. They left the house tidy after they finished each day. Mark promised me that we would not see any mess or pipework post-install and he was true to his word. Literally all that is visible is the wall mounted units in each room. I am so glad I did this and delighted with the results now it has been installed.

To read more reviews from our wonderful customers, click here.


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