Can air conditioning make you more productive?

There’s a reason a huge amount of offices have air conditioning installed: employee productivity. 

Beyond helping to improve the temperature of a workplace, air conditioning has been found to have an impact on the productivity of workers at all levels. After all, workers who aren’t comfortable aren’t going to be able to focus on getting their job done. 

This means that installing AC in an office – whether the office is in the workplace or at home – can genuinely help to improve productivity levels and ensure you’re working to your best ability. So how does air conditioning help?

What effect does air conditioning have on workers?

When temperatures and humidity levels rise – especially when combined with an office full of equipment that generates heat – you are bound to be a lot less productive. Whether it’s because you spend extra time getting cold drinks, moving to areas that are cooler or simply moaning about the heat, the amount of time you spend actually working drops. 

On top of this, when your work environment is too hot, it makes you feel lethargic. This can make your concentration levels decline quickly, making it harder to focus on the task at hand so it takes you much longer to complete tasks. 

Lower concentration levels can also mean you’re more likely to get distracted, whether this is by someone in the office, your phone or something else. This can pull you away from what you were doing and make it even harder to pick up a task again. 

Cold temperatures can also have a negative effect by distracting you due to being uncomfortable and putting you at a greater risk of illness. This is where air conditioning comes in. 

Installing air conditioning in your workspace helps you to control the temperature to avoid it being too hot or too cold. It can also help to remove moisture from the air reducing humidity and stopping that muggy feeling. AC is far more effective than desk fans or opening windows, creating a productive working atmosphere no matter what the temperatures are doing outside. 

Can air conditioning create a healthier workplace?

We all know that offices can be awful for illnesses, as one person getting a cold generally means everyone will end up getting one. However, having an office that isn’t the right temperature – even if it’s your home office – can increase your chances of getting sick. 

Working in an office that is too hot and humid can cause dehydration, migraines, exhaustion, heatstroke and higher stress levels, none of which is good for your health. Suffering from any of these at work not only leaves you feeling less than 100%, but it will also have a big effect on your productivity. 

Luckily, our air conditioning systems not only allow you to control the temperature of your workspace, but they can also help to reduce humidity. Our water-cooled systems remove moisture from the air, getting rid of that muggy feeling and reducing your chances of illness. On top of this, air conditioning filters can help to remove dust, pollen, pathogens and bacteria from the air, making it even healthier. 

Not only can this reduce the number of sick days you’ll likely need to take – which helps with your productivity in general – it will mean you are less likely to feel rubbish during the day and have to work through it. 

Air conditioning helps your technology

One of the biggest things to affect productivity in the workplace is technology not doing what it is supposed to do. Computers and other electronic equipment are designed to run in cool and dry places, so increased heat can have a big impact on how well it performs – especially when it is also producing heat as it runs. 

While technology has improved to run better and stay cooler, high temperatures can still affect. Whether everything runs slower or your computer is more prone to crashing when it’s hot, the temperature of your office can leave you cursing your equipment more than usual. 

Installing air conditioning in your workplace or home office can help you and your technology run at the right level with fewer issues. This alone has a huge impact on productivity as less time spent trying to get your computer to do what it is meant to means more time able to get through your workload. 

Create a cool, comfortable and productive office

Whether you need commercial air conditioning or a cooling solution for your home office, we have the right AC system for your needs. 

You can enjoy higher productivity levels with our air conditioning with an external unit or enjoy having total control over the temperature of your property with no need for outside changes or planning permission thanks to our water-cooled internal air conditioning options. 

Even if you’ve been told that you can’t have air conditioning, we’ll be able to provide the right system to keep you cool and improve your productivity at work. Download our guide to find out more or get in touch today.