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Remote Working Tips For Beginners

Here at Urban Cooling, we understand the importance of staying safe during these difficult times. Following government guidelines for businesses to close their work premises and for all employees to work from home, we have put together some tips to maintain your morale and wellbeing.

Get Ready For Your Day

Get showered and dressed as if you would be going into work. This sounds unusual but helps put to you in the right mindset to be positive and productive with your day. You will also feel much more refreshed than if you’ve simply rolled out of bed and started work in your loungewear. 

Find a Comfortable Temperature 

As the weather improves with rays of sunshine and the rises in temperature, you may be realising that your home gets much hotter than you anticipated. If you are working in a room with limited window access or glaring sun, there can be issues of overheating. 

If you are able to open a window and avoid sound pollution, this is a great step in the right direction. However, understandably many people might not have this luxury and may need to rely on air conditioning systems to regulate the temperature in their apartments or houses. A huge additional benefit of air conditioning is that it is proven to increase productivity, which may be exactly what you need as we step into a new way of working.

Create A Schedule

Creating a schedule and daily routine will help you stay in control and feel confident in the day ahead. As we all buckle in for long days at home, it can be very easy to either lose motivation or go into overdrive. By creating daily to-do lists and scheduling tasks for your day, you can ensure you work productively and differentiate between working hours and non-working hours. 

Also, don’t forget to take short breaks to stretch and divert your eyes away from your computer screens.

Keep Your Home Clean

As we all settle into a new routine of spending our days and evenings at home with all members of the household. The home can become messy and unhygienic very easily, especially if you have young children. Due to coronavirus and the current set of circumstances, it is important to keep surfaces and the air as clean as possible. Use antibacterial wipes, wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds and try and get a hold of antibacterial air fresheners. 

If you have an air conditioning system within your home you can purchase special filters that remove bacteria, mould, allergens and air pollution from the air, making a healthier environment for you and your family. 

Avoid Working on the Couch

By having a dedicated area to work in your home this will help in being able to mentally and physically separate work and home life. Find a workspace within your home where you can set up your equipment and work relatively undisturbed. It is also vital to be comfortable and supported to avoid developing bad posture and muscle pains if you’re working from the couch.


Being at home can drastically change your exercise routine. Whether this was going to the gym 3-4 times a week, going for swims or attending workout classes. It is important for mental and physical wellbeing that we all remain active. 

Home workouts via live streams have become very popular recently as they provide motivation and a class atmosphere. This can be difficult to join in with if you do not have a great ventilation system within the home and have limited windows for airflow. Air conditioning helps to provide cool air so you can workout and eliminate the worry of overheating.

Eat and drink healthy 

When working remotely during this time it is easy to fall into a trap of eating unhealthy food and exercising less. It is important for our mental health that we stay hydrated, eat as healthily as we can and avoid sugary and processed foods. 

Manage Your Information Intake

During the current uncertainty and COVID-19, it is very easy to feel flooded with information. Whether this is through social media, TV, radio and those excessive WhatsApp messages, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with the large amount of information we have access to.

Although it is important to stay informed, we recommend that you limit the number of times you check the news. These breaks will allow you to focus your mind on other tasks and activities and reduce the anxiety you may feel. 

Stay Connected

As we’re all faced with remote working it is important to keep in touch with those around you. If you feel that you’re lacking social contact, set up a video or phone call with your team to stay engaged and in touch with your colleagues. This is also applicable to staying in touch with your family and friends, everyone is only a short phone call away.

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