Watercooled Air Conditioning

Why You Should Sleep With Air-Con On

With the unexpected heatwave we’ve experienced in the UK over the past few weeks, we’ve become no stranger to soaring temperatures and intense humidity. With temperatures rising to 38°C with 80% humidity in London, being in the UK suddenly felt like we were in a tropical destination. Not only were we struggling to keep cool in the day, the nights felt even worse as opening the window or using a traditional fan offered zero relief. A need for air conditioning was felt across London and the whole of the UK as stuffy apartments and high-rise flats struggled the most. 

Many people are used to having air conditioning units in their workplace and in shops or restaurants. Therefore, the common misconception here is that air conditioning is only used in the day and not during the night. Those who own air conditioning units in the home can also worry about using the unit during the night. This can be for a number of reasons, from contracting a common cold due to the cooler air or that it may become a very expensive addition to the home. 

However, these worries couldn’t be further from the truth. Cold temperatures don’t cause colds on their own, a virus needs to be present to cause a sore throat, runny nose and cough. In regards to expensive costs by leaving the air-con unit running through the night, this will not be likely if you have an efficient and quality unit. In this case, I would be wary of companies who try to sell units that are not recognisable brands or are cheap.

To help you get a good night’s sleep, we’ve put together some benefits of how air conditioning can help:


Air conditioning can regulate the room temperature to the optimum temperature for sleep – between 15.6°C and 19.4°C. If you do not have the optimum temperature to sleep in, it is very likely that you will wake up feeling tired and uncomfortable. This can be due to your sleeping environment and temperature, as your body may be working overtime to regulate your body temperature. You may experience this more often when it is very warm or very cold.


The advanced charcoal air filtration system purifies the air, removing any allergens, dust, moisture and bacteria for the air. This provides comfort to those who may suffer from breathing problems or asthma, giving you a more relaxing and soothing sleep. 


It’s a well-known fact that background noise makes it harder to fall asleep and can also wake you during the night. This can affect you in the long-term as you can feel unrested and unproductive. Our water cooled air conditioning systems are the quietest on the market, operating at 19 decibels. A whisper is typically around 25 decibels so you can rest assured that you will have a cool and comfortable sleep in a super quiet and tranquil environment.


If you’re tired of hot and restless sleeps, it’s time to get in touch with Urban Cooling. Our expert team will give you everything you need to know and can have you cool and comfortable in only 7 days. Contact us today on 020 3613 9417 or make a quick and easy enquiry.