5 Tips To Prepare Your Apartment For Summer

As the weather gets warmer and summer fast approaches, keeping your home cool will soon become a top priority. This is vital now more than ever as we continue to persevere through lockdown and spend the majority of our time in our homes. You may be realising how hot your apartment or house gets during hotter weather and how unbearable this can become. 

Due to the design and structure of many apartments, they tend to be very well insulated with minimal windows to release hot and stuffy air. An easy comparison to draw is that of a conservatory as the heat is difficult to remove, especially in warm weather. 

Humid and stuffy air can cause an array of issues, from a lack of productivity, to uncomfortable sleeping conditions and dangers of heat exhaustion.The quickest way to avoid hot and uncomfortable heat in your home is to prepare your apartment for summer. 

1. Ditch The Traditional Fan 

Many people believe that a traditional fan is just as effective as air conditioning. However, fans simply move around the air within the room, creating a breezy effect. They do not actually change the temperature of the air to make it cooler and more bearable. For example, if you put a fan in a hot and humid apartment, it would simply circulate hot air and would provide little relief. With innovative air conditioning technology working efficiently and economically to cool your home, it really is time to ditch the traditional fan.

2. Check your Air Conditioning System

Test your air conditioning unit in the Spring to avoid struggling with humid heat in the Summer. Turn it on and set it to your desired temperature. Check if it blows out hot or cool air or if it makes unusual noises or appears to be working too hard.  If your air conditioning unit is doing any one of the above then it may require a service to get it back up and running effectively. This issue can be resolved by getting in touch with your air conditioning company to request a service in time for the summer months. 

3. Freshen The Airflow

One important way to prepare your home for summer is to make sure your AC filter is clean. This may not seem like a necessary task if your AC unit seems to be working well, however if your filter needs washing or changing your air conditioning unit will be able to work to its full potential.

The rate at which you need to change your AC filter is completely dependent on you and your home. Do you have pets, burn candles frequently, smoke inside the home or simply cook in an open plan apartment? If so, this would mean that you would need to wash or change your filters more regularly. 

4. Bring The Outdoors In

When living in an apartment, you may not have a garden or outdoor space which you can enjoy in the summer months. As we navigate through lockdown, this can become increasingly difficult and you may want to make the most of the summer season. One brilliant way of bringing summer into your apartment is to purchase some indoor plants or decorate your coffee table with fresh flowers to add some bright and summery colours into your living space. You can also create a herb corner in the kitchen to enjoy some “gardening” and incorporate fresh herbs into your meals.

5. Stock Up On Summer Essentials 

Make sure you have enough sun cream, and antihistamines for hayfever sufferers. If you have an air conditioning system, you can also purchase special filters to reduce air pollutants such as: dust, bacteria, allergens such as pollen and many more. Removing these pollutants creates a healthier environment for those in your family with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. Find out more about the top health benefits of air conditioning here. 

Get in Touch With Urban Cooling

Do you live in an apartment and have been told you are unable to have an air conditioning unit due to one of the following reasons?

  • No outdoor space
  • Planning restrictions 
  • Your apartment is within a listed building
  • Simply unable to make exterior modifications to your property

Don’t panic, Urban Cooling air conditioning systems do not require an outside condenser. Instead, they utilise a fully internal condenser which is operated by utilising your mains water supply in a controlled manner, much the same as a washing machine or a dishwasher. If you’d like further information or have any questions about our fully internal water cooled air conditioning units, contact one of our expert team today on 020 3613 9417 or make a quick and easy enquiry.