How can air conditioning help when working from home?

Working from home is now very much the norm and many companies will be keeping the option to work from home at least part-time when Covid restrictions are lifted. While this is great news for those who much prefer the commute from their sofa to their desk, it does mean that you need to ensure your work environment at home is suitable. 

Working from home means that you can tailor your space to your needs and the way you like to work. However, it does mean you miss out on some of the great office amenities like free coffee and air conditioning. 

While the lack of free beverages isn’t going to hurt, missing out on the convenience and comfort of the office AC can affect your workday and productivity. Not only do you have to deal with a stuffy home office when the temperatures rise, opening a window may not help matters when you factor in noise, traffic and air pollution. 

So could air conditioning be the one thing your home office is missing? Find out exactly how AC could be a great investment for those working from home long-term and how it could actually help you perform better in your job. 

Complete control over your environment

Everyone works in different ways, which isn’t always possible in a professional office environment. You might be stuck on a desk that is too small, have to deal with a squeaky uncomfortable chair, be directly under the air conditioning vent so you’re always cold or be too far away from it so you’re always hot. 

When it comes to your home office, the control is in your hands. You can create a space that works for you; whether that means multiple screens, an ergonomic chair or a kettle within reach of your desk. 

Air conditioning is the final thing that ensures you are comfortable while working and that your space is optimised for your needs. You can even position the vent in the right place so you can enjoy the best temperature without your work colleagues moaning that it’s too hot or too cold. 

Improved comfort increases productivity

We’ve all had to try and work when we’re uncomfortable, so you know how hard it can be to get through tasks. Time seems to move slower when you’re not comfy while working, which hampers your ability to be productive and generally leaves you feeling a bit rubbish. 

While anything can make you feel uncomfortable, there’s nothing worse than being boiling hot while trying to get through your tasks. Whether your home office is so well insulated that the summer months are unbearable or it generally always feels stuffy, your productivity can be severely hindered by the uncomfortable temperature. 

Installing air conditioning means you can ensure your home office is at the right temperature for your comfort levels. This will allow you to focus on work without getting distracted by the fact that you’re too warm or leave you feeling fatigued, making your days go faster and your productivity levels increase.

Better than workplace air conditioning

There’s always someone in your workplace who moans that the air conditioning is set too high or too low. It’s impossible to please everyone and when it comes to large office environments, it’s generally majority rules, which means you may not fully benefit from the AC system. 

Luckily, when you have your own air conditioning, you don’t need to please anyone else so you skip out on all the office drama. Your home office can use the settings that best suit you so there’s no more taking polls about whether people are hot or cold. 

Of course, this does mean that you’ll notice a big difference when you do go into the office sometimes. 

Can I have air conditioning installed at home?

If you want to be more comfortable and productive when working at home, as well as make the rest of your house or apartment cool and comfortable too, air conditioning is the best option. 

No matter what type of property you live in, here at Urban Cooling, we have the right home cooling solution for you. Even if you’ve previously been told you can’t have AC because you live in an apartment, have no room for an external unit or live in a listed building, we can provide the right system. 

As well as air conditioning with external units, we can provide fully internal AC solutions. Our water-cooled air conditioning uses internal condensers so there are no external changes to your property and no chunky outside unit. This means you can enjoy powerful air conditioning without a lengthy installation process and without needing planning permission. 
To add the final touch to your home office, contact us today to find out more about our AC options.